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VC Int CH Wall Canyon Fiery Red Ruby UT1 NA 1

2nd Generation NAVHDA

Natural Ability Breeders Award Recipient

Stud Dog TBD

Expected Breeding Jan/Feb2024

Ruby produced a tremendously talented group of pups with her first litter.   All 9 possess incredible natural ability and hunt talent.  The combination of good looks, talent, and incredible off switch has inspired me to look for a very talented stud dog for her 2nd litter.

Stud negotiations ongoing

Versatile Champion

Utility Prize 1

Natural Ability Prize 1

VC Wall Canyon's New Wave 
will be bred to:

Zydeco's Mo River Zeke UT 1 NA1

OFA Thyroid Normal

OFA Hips Good

PennHIP RH 0.28 LH 0.27

Blondie's two previous litters are both Natural Ability Breeder's Award Litters and Blondie's second litter with Hank just became eligible for the Utility Breeder's Award as well!

Zeke is VC Martinsen's Mo River Reggie's son and Hank's Half Brother and has lived up to Phil Meyer's expectations with excellence.  His mother is a beautiful DC from Zydeco Vizslas

He has beautiful PennHip Readings and is a beautiful example of the breed.  This litter should be filled with gorgeous, talented, well tempered pups fit for the field, marsh, and couch.

Call for more info

Versatile Champion

Utility Breeders Award 

UT 1 NA 1 Female

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Wall Canyon's Ruby Creek Trailblazer UT2


Ruby is a daughter of  DC Alpine's Playing with Fire UT3 and VC Int CH Wall Canyon's New Wave UT1

She possesses all the drive, good looks, and talent of both of her parents.  I trained her for her Utility test and she impressed me with her ability to learn and grow in a short amount of time.  She will be bred to 

Martinsen's Wild Child UT1 "Kiddo"

Expected puppies Mid 2024

Pups will be whelped and located in Montana

Utility Prize 2 NA Prize 1

One of 7 pups in Blondie's 1st litter to contribute to NA Breeder's Award

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We accept completed puppy questionnaires from all.  We will call you for an interview after receiving a questionnaire.

If you'd like to talk about training your pup.... call and reserve a spot ASAP!

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