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Welcome to Wall Canyon Vizslas website.  This was created to originally chronicle all of the happenings and fun I was having with my dogs but then it grew into something more meaningful but first......It all started 20 years ago when I purchased Jake.  Intentions were good to have a hiking companion but my curiosity got the best of me when I decided I wanted to see if he could be a hunting dog.  The rest is history they say....   I never would have guessed that I would be living in the northern Great Plains of Montana but the dogs brought me here. Jake brought me such joy and new adventures that it has blossomed into my having been owned by ten vizslas over the years.  The next thing you know you are buying trucks, guns, and lots of hunting swag.  I've learned so much about these dogs that when I set out to find dogs for breeding I had specific requirements. of water... and of course good looks and health.  That's a tall order to ask of any breed but a must for vizslas.  One added requirement... the dogs must inspire me during our hunts.  You might know what I speak of. It's that moment when they take your breath away... It's that moment when you find your dog on point after looking for him for ten minutes and the dog has birds pinned and looks up to say, "where ya been boss?  I got em right here!"   Or that moment when your shot connects but only wings the bird. But your dog watches it coast away and potentially out of your grasp and then the dog seemingly tracks the scent of the air track it left as it coasted out of sight, only for the dog to race away and return minutes later with the bird in his mouth.  These are moments that inspire.  They are even more inspirational when a young dog can do these feats.  The crew I've assembled have met these requirements and have also demonstrated the grit it takes to hunt wild birds successfully in all types of conditions. 

You might ask.... did you train your own dogs?  Well, Of course there's training involved and I have been instrumental and conducting, from beginning to end each of my dogs training programs.  Few bird dogs get to be great without training and without being shown in a venue, so an added requirement is that these dogs have the mental toughness to handle the rigors of advanced finished dog work including ducks and upland. Specifically NAVHDA Utility training and advanced finished dog field work.

I have been a NAVHDA and AKC member for 20 years.  Our dogs are registered in NAVHDA, AKC, and Field Dog Stud Book as well.  We value the hard work that training entails and value dogs who can live up to that training.

My females have been hand selected, trained, and tested by myself and have met my extremely high expectations of great dogs.  

Gallery of Adventures

Gallery of Adventures Part Deux

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