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Introductions to the Up and Comers

VC INT. CH Wall Canyon's New Wave NA 1 UT 1

Blondie aka Blonderson

NAVHDA Versatile Champion

Int. CH Wall Canyon's New Wave

" Blondie"

NA Prize 1 112 pts

Utility Prize 1 204 Pts!

PENNHIP 0.26RH & 0.28LH

Very Low Risk

OFA Thyroid: Normal


Blondie hit our household like a tidal wave! Her natural abilities shined bright during her first hunting season and then she sailed though her NAVHDA NA test with ease and received a Prize 1 112 Points. Blondie rocked the Utility test her first time out and received a Prize 1, 204 points. Blondie has a light and fast, snappy gait, a beautiful 11:00 tail set on point, and loves to go retrieve those ducks. She's got the mental toughness to recover from a bulldozing by a whitetail buck but the sweetness to charm even the most hard hearted. Blondie's pedigree is one of the reasons I selected her. Fieldway's Jack Daniels, Tommy Boy, and a few other notables helped sell me on her. Her brother, and father are awesome dogs as well. VC Firestorm's Pacific Duke preceded her and showed a lot of people the drive a vizsla can possess! DC Dry Creek's Tommy by Tommy gave me a hug on the tailgate after running an hour brace in the NVA Western Championship which is why I wanted Blondie the most.  She has surpassed all of my wildest expectations with her talents and her abilities as a mom.  She's produced two spectacular litters thus far and I'm looking forward to more in her future.  Blondie's sweetness surpasses her hunting abilities. This dog has an OFF switch and a love for people like I've never seen. She's at home with kids, other dogs, and hasn't met anyone she didn't love. This dog fits the perfect description of the breed standards for looks, abilities, and temperament. I'm so lucky to have this girl!  

I want to give Nancy Colwell and Warren Eizman an extra special thank you for letting me have this girl!!!


Blondie and Cinder's Pups

Blondie x Hank Pups


VC Int. CH Wall Canyon's Fiery Red Ruby UT 1 NA 1

VC Int. CH Wall Canyon's Fiery Red Ruby UT 1 NA 1


NAVHDA Natural Ability

Prize 1  110 Points

AT 6 Months Old

UT Prize 1 195 Points at 

19 Months Old



Low Risk

OFA Thyroid - Normal

This lil girl is a product of my beautiful Ripley and VC Martinsen's Mo River Reggie. She is a chip off of her momma's block and looks to be a terrific bird dog in the making. At only five months old, she was swimming, searching, pointing, tracking, and running big.  Ruby is a typical vizsla that steals shoes and socks to tease us but gets down to business quickly when it's time to hunt.  This pup has been an absolute rockstar in her first couple of hunting seasons.  Pointing, retrieving, duck hunting in icy water, and running in her first field trials to boot!  She placed 1st, and received three 2nd places at her FIRST trial ever!

 Ruby hit a home run at the Midwest Tristate NAVHDA Test on Sept 28th. 2019 by scoring a PRIZE 1 in Utility!  This lil beauties career has been so BRIGHT as she achieved her VC in 2021!!!

She is one helluva hunting dog.... filled with cooperation, desire, a sharp nose, and the ability to outsmart those running wild roosters.  I’m so proud of this girl and her littermates.  They have met my expectations and then some! And to say I adore Ruby is an understatement.  Ruby whelped her first litter this year and from what I can see, we built an even better crop of dogs!





CH Wall Canyon Hank’s Blonde Ambition NA 1

Bettie aka Bettie Boop

NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1

AKC Conformation Show Champion

NA Prize 1 108 pts

Utility Testing in 2023


Bettie is a chip off of her momma’s block with her endearing personality, good looks, drive and desire mixed in with Hank’s perseverance and strong mental toughness.  Hank, her father, is a product of the 2018 Ripley x Reggie litter and when I bred Hank to Blondie, it was a fulfillment of my original goals to breed a Ripley progeny to Blondie.  I was looking for high desire, beautiful dogs, that possessed the best of pointing and retrieving abilities.  I got all of that in this cute lil package.

Bettie’s second hunting season proved to be landmark for my dogs.  She recovered many birds before any of the other dogs could get to them much less get their mouth on them.  Her natural retrieve is off the charts but when paired with a true trained retrieve program, it’s quickly put Bettie in A team contention.  She had  so many notable moments during hunting that even I am so impressed with her and I can’t wait to show her off at their Utility test.

During the very busy summer of 2022, I decided to place her with Handling by Team West to be exhibited at AKC conformation shows.  Bettie needed something to do while she grew up a little but I had NO IDEA she would take the show ring by storm.  She achieved her Championship title in three short weekends, with a Best of Breed win and 3 Best of Opposite wins.  To say she SLAM dunked her show career is an understatement.  She possesses an extremely endearing temperament paired with the grit of a bad to the bone hunter and I couldn’t be more excited about her!  This girl is carrying on her mother and grandmother’s lineage and traits and I can’t wait to watch her succeed at all things she does!

Bettie Boop’s Adventures

Wall Canyon Trickin the Western Birds

Trixie-7 months

NAVHDA Natural Ability Test in 2023


A product of TWO VERSATILE CHAMPION DOGS.  Ruby and Martinsen’s West Bound created this amazing litter of supremely talented puppies.  They arrived into the world 5 days early, struggled to survive during the first week, made their mother very sick, caused me 2 months of sleep deprivation,  but in the end, it was worth it.  I have NEVER seen a more prey focused female vizsla that learns at the speed this girl does.  Birds are LIFE to her.  The best way to describe her hunting talents is to say that she is a full blown, four alarm, PREDATOR.  You can see her switch from fun loving, sweet girl at the truck, to a downright serious bird finding and harvesting machine.  I am so impressed with this girl during her first hunting season that I couldn’t wait to put her on the ground, at every field…..and I feel so fortunate that Derek Baune and Jenny Martinsen shared West with me to make her.  She IS THE FUTURE for our kennels…..  I am so looking forward to showing her off in NAVHDA, field trials, and the conformation ring.  Watch for her on Facebook and IG.  She’s gonna be a HUGE superstar.

From Tadpole to Huntress

Wall Canyon Shockwave

Shockey-7 months

NAVHDA Natural Ability Test in 2023


When I set out to breed dogs in 2018, I owned Ripley and Blondie and I understood the beautiful differences and similarities in each of them.  I realized I had the perfect complement of females that could bring diversity, complexity, full versatility, while preserving the good looks, temperament, and hunting talents of the breed.  If I planned, waited patiently, and then struck when the iron was hot, I could potentially pair these two complementing girls through careful breeding.  That’s exactly what happened, Ripley was due for her third and final litter and the Handsome son of Blondie and Cinder -Wall Canyon Alpine’s Blacksmith - Perrin were paired in 2022.  We had 8 beautiful pups in this litter, born on the same day as Ruby’s litter-  only 2 females though…….  I watched and I watched… I raised them with careful intention and purpose and when the time came, I picked this lil beauty.  She’s got the forward punch and endearing personality of her grandmother Blondie, the drive of her grandfather Cinder, the combined talents and striking looks of her dad Perrin, and the off the charts natural retrieve and water love of her mother Ripley……. There’s a lot of expectations resting on this girls shoulders.  Her first hunting season was amazing.  I watched her point, chase, run big, swim, and eventually track down a wounded rooster.  I saw her show tremendous potential.   She will head for the conformation ring, the field trial circuit and the NAVHDA testing grounds in 2023…..  Keep a sharp eye out for this girl….. She’s a like an atom bomb….. leaves behind a SHOCKWAVE!

Growing up so fast….

INT. CH. Wall Canyon's Hillbillie Ripley’s Believe it or Not UT 1

Retired from Breeding








Intl. Ch Wall Canyon Hillibillie Ripley's Believe it or Not 


NAVHDA UT Prize 2 197 Pts

PENNHIP 0.36 RH 0.42 LH

OFA Thyroid: Normal


Ripley has fulfilled all of my expectations as a superstar female vizsla. She has true natural ability that she demonstrated at the tender young age of 10 weeks by pointing chukar and swimming like a labrador by the time she was 8 months old. Her natural retrieve has shined through since she was a pup but that desire translates into full blown horsepower on the water when ducks are dropped.Ripley has beauty, drive, strength, stamina, intelligence, and GRIT.

GRIT is her most amazing quality. It translates into tolerance to cold, willingness to keep hunting when birds aren't plentiful, and desire to please the owner even when it's hot or freezing. She is a force to be reckoned with and one to watch in the future. Her at home personality is what make her special though.... She's sweet and animated with her "talking" to her loved ones. She passes on her desire to hunt in the field and the water to all of her offspring.  She possesses the ideal traits of a hardcore competition and hunting dog.  We have retired Ripley from breeding as she has produced three beautiful and talented litters of puppies.  She has contributed so much to the versatility and true hunting abilities of the vizsla.  

I want to extend an extra special thank you to Josh McPherson and Bonita Austin for allowing me to have this girl.  She's spectacular and I adore her.

Ripley's Progeny with Martinsen's Wild Child


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