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Natural Ability......Pointing

It all starts with instinct.  Without that, there is no bird dog.  All of my dogs are endowed with exceptional instinct and demonstrate it at an early age.  Ruby, Ripley's daughter has been pointing since she was 12 weeks old.


Natural Ability....Retrieving

The instinct to retrieve makes it so much easier to teach the pup later when retrieving becomes part of their job.  These dogs all have natural desire to retrieve items.  Key in the success of their hunting career.  Our most recent litter are exceptional natural retrievers.


Love of Water

The pup's approach to water is key in their successful development.  Boldness, Courage, and Confidence are the cornerstones to pups who will enter water and not see it as an obstacle.  Every dog in my pack views water with enthusiasm and truly loves being in it.  This trait is being passed on in our litters.

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