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Versatile Hunting Vizslas don't just happen....they are created.  Purpose driven breeding  programs make the vision of an all around hunting dog a reality.  We have created a small and tightly knit group of breeders to partner to makes these dreams a reality for more hunters.  

Founding Members:

Martinsen's Red Point Kennels

Wall Canyon Vizslas

Smoothbore Vizslas

Versatile Vizsla Partners

Vizslas come in a variety of packages.  Selecting your next hunting dog can be confusing and at times, riddled with sales pitches.  The selection of your breeder and the puppy should  be considered while looking for your versatile hunting dog.  The word versatile is used in many different contexts these days, one of which indicates that the dog can do almost anything.  Our definition of versatile comes from the definition utilized in the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association's mission statement and dog breeding tenents.  Look for a truly versatile vizsla that is bred with this definition in mind.  This is why I provide the following links to breeding partners who are subscribing to this definition of versatile.  We are all working together under the NAVHDA organizations testing system to evaluate and test our dogs.  The training involved to develop a Utility prized dog is demanding and will highlight the dogs temperament, trainability, and it's ability to handle wet, cold conditions.  There are some more and exciting developments coming with this in mind!  Stay tuned!


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