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This is a dedication to the impeccable boys that have been 50% of the success at Wall Canyon Vizslas.  Solid minded, performance vizslas who possess beauty and hunting expertise abound in this exemplary selection of boys.  Thank you to the owners for letting me breed these handsome boys to my girls!  Special thanks to Jenny and Tate Martinsen, Phillip Meyer, Derek Baune, Jessica Mackey, Todd Peterson, Cody Moore, and Megan Helmuth for investing in these dogs and sharing them with the NAVHDA and hunting dog world

VC Martinsen's Mo River Reggie UT 1 NA 1


Reggie is the son of  Milo and Ginger over at Martinsen's Red Point Kennel.  He possesses the incredible good looks and temperament of his wonderful dad and the grit and determination of Ginger.  His hunting drive, biddability, good looks have been realized in 5 different litters where he's produced 9 Utility trained and titled dogs, 4 AKC Conformation Show Champions, and many loved hunting and family dogs.  Reggie is one in a million and is what I consider to be a prepotent sire.  He's a strong genetic contributor and passes the best genes to his kids.  He's also the sire of Three Natural Ability Breeder's Award litters and 1 Utility Breeders Award litter with my Ripley.


DC Alpine's Playing With Fire UT3

Cinder contributed tremendous good looks, huge run and range, a  sweet temperament to each of his pups from Blondie's 1st litter.  He's the sire of her Natural Ability Breeder's Award Litter and has produced an AKC Conformation Grand Champion, CH, SH, BCAT, and JH as well.  We love seeing Cinder's fun "roo-roo" appear in his pups as well!  Thanks to Jessica Mackey for letting me use him as a stud



08-15-2020-33 3.jpg

Martinsen's Wild Child UT1

Watch this dog work a bird field and all you will be able to say is WOW..... JUST WOW!  He's all beast mode all the time.  No birds are left behind and you're pretty sure the field is on fire after Kiddo is finished.  To say I adore him, that's an understatement.  His natural retrieve, hard hitting style and point, and AMAZING temperament is why he was chosen for both Ripley and this year's litter with Ruby Trailblazer......  I can't say enough good about what he contributed to my breeding program.  Talent, drive, amazing off switches, and amazing good looks.  He's the sire of one Natural Ability Breeders Award and we are one dog away from a Utility Breeders Award as well.


Wall Canyon's Hammerin' Hank UT 1 NA1

Hank is the product of Reggie and Ripley in 2018.  He has proven to share similar strong abilities to his father in passing desirable genes to his progeny. Hank, is a very driven, waterfowl lovin', hardcore bird dog.  His awesome looks, big run and beautiful temperament are all being passed to his kids.  Currently, he's a Natural Ability Breeder's Award Sire, and his litter with Blondie is eligible for the Utility Breeder's Award as well.  This is a very difficult accomplishment to pass.  We love his abilities in the field and his sweetness in the home.  Thank you to Todd Peterson for allowing us to use Hank back into our breeding program.


VC Martinsen's West Bound UT 1 NA3

The father of Kiddo- a VC, a tremendously talented dog with a pure gold temperament, West is the REAL DEAL.  He is one of my very favorite sires because he produces puppies with amazing livability in addition to prey drive oozing from every pore of their being.  His pups across many litters have proven to be outstanding hunting dogs of field and marsh.  West was chosen to pair with my Ruby and boy did we get an amazing bunch of kids.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM are superior bird dogs.  West is already a sire of Natural Ability Breeder's Award litters but this particular litter is solid gold with 7 of 9 pups receiving prizes and 5 of them Prize 1 pups.  AMAZING is an understatement. Thank you Derek Baune for letting me have just a lil piece of West.  I'm almost jealous you got to hunt and live with this dog his whole life because he's very special!

IMG_3889 2.JPG

DUAL CHAMPION Wall Canyon Alpine's Blacksmith NA 1 SH

This handsome young dog is the direct product of Cinder x Blondie 2020 breeding.  Owned by Jessica Mackey, he is currently on the field trial circuit working on garnering more points for his FC/AFC.  He flew through securing his puppy points for field championships, flew through his NA test, even passed his SH tests with ease and has been a rockstar in the show ring.  His beautiful temperament is a combination of Cinder and Blondie.  He, at the tender age of 3 is the sire of his first Natural Ability Breeder's Award litter.  Watch for Perrin's progeny....Shockey is following in his footsteps as we speak!


 Wall Canyon NoCruise Control UT 1

Cruise is a chip off of his parent's blocks.  His unbelievable good looks from both Hank and Blondie garners him attention but watching this boy glide through a bird field is like watching mercury pour across a table.... Smooth, Snappy, Stylish!  I look forward to Cruise's career and at the tender age of 2 we are working towards getting his hips x-rayed and thyroid levels validated.  Look for him to become one of Wall Canyon's important and influential stud dogs!

Cruise is loved, trained, and hunted by Taylor and Megan Helmuth in Wisconsin.  


 Wall Canyon Copper Plated Pancho NA1 Pointed in AKC Field Trials

Pancho was whelped during the inception of the Covid Crisis.  Ripley whelped 10 beautiful pups in this litter and I distinctly remember saying---Pancho is special.  Cody Moore in Colorado has worked hard to validate my belief and brought the absolute best out of Pancho in the field.  He's played Utility a couple of times without reaching my high expectations but we aren't done yet....  He's got a whole lot going on and has great health, temperament, and strapping good looks from his dad, Kiddo.  I adore this dog and eventually we will get him to a Utility title but for now.... I get to go hunting with him, which is a true privilege.  His abilities are a beautiful combination of brains, run, braun, and style....   Look For more from Pancho!!

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