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Get that dog retrieving the bird to HAND!

Trained Retrieve Training is essential to recovering downed game with your gundog.  We specialize in training dogs in all facets of retrieving, including blind retrieves and duck search work for the NAVHDA UT test.





We offer a select few spots for training dogs for hunting, obedience, and NAVHDA Testing.  

Puppies can be taken in for Hunt Intro training and basic obedience

Adult dogs are more suited for advanced hunting training, NAVHDA and testing.

If you are planning to test your dog in the NAVHDA Utility test, planning ahead is CRUCIAL to the dogs success.  Set your dog up to succeed by taking it duck hunting at least a few days during its first hunting season.  When upland hunting, let the birds teach the dog and shoot only when they point a bird and hold it until you are within gun range.  DO NOT SHOOT WILD FLUSHES OR BIRDS YOUR DOG BUSTS UP.  You are setting it up for more challenging training in the future.  When the hunting season ends, get the dog working on the trained retrieve during the dark winter months so when the weather gets nice, you can teach the dog advanced retrieving skills and duck searching!  

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